Adele Madau & Mireia Tejero

It's a visceral duo that comes out from these two music performers who bet on the risk, research and improvisation. The result is a journey full of emotional and amazing landscapes.

Adele Madau: electric violin, loops and effects Mireia Tejero:alto saxophone, cello, loops, samplers and effects



Adele Madau is a violinist, songwriter and performer. Graduated in contemporanean and clasical music. Songwriter of numerous videoclips, shortmovies, theather and dance projects. She has worked for a various conducter and theather companies such as Enrique Vargas, Giorgio Comaschi, Rosso Tiziano, etc., whith avant-garde choreographers like Tery Weykel, Ornella D’Agostino, Gabriella Maiorino, Cornelia Wildisen, Daniela Capaci, Verònica Cendoya i Sol Picó and she has played whith the contemporanean  bands Impromptu and Moex.

Creative of Diner’s Ready (sensory diners), the acoustic duo Oiamamma (violin and  accordion) and the experimental band Myoon Project who win the international contest Mercurdo i Noè Ars Multimedia.