"Quienes han visto su transgresor directo, aseguran que no lo podrán olvidar"

Guía del Ocio, gener 97

Las Gambas is a women band capable to do the hardest thing: to mix a very powerful  live with a brilliant staging, with a corrosive humor in their lyrics and with a musical composition that flirts with soul, funk and free jazz. The live concert of Las Gambas is  like a marathon party, a concert politically incorrect, fiercely feminine with a healthy and provocative sense of humor. They recorded the CD A veces me pica un pie, 1998 (sometimes one foot scratch me). Marisa Prieto, voice, Merce Ros, drums, Maite Arilla, electric bass, Mireia Tejero, sax, Monica Muntaner, backingvocals and movement, Carles López, guitarra

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A veces me pica un pie  (1998)