SUA is a music trio in a constant evolution led by Mireia Tejero. It consists of three female musicians, a drumer, a saxophone player and an electric violinist, sharing the most organic sense of music in a forceful and vanguardist life show. The music that’s coming out of this trio, where improvisation is the umbilical cord, moves between freejazz and contemporary rock in a multidisciplinary performántica staging. The first proposal of SUA was the show METUS in 2011, a musical journey through fear. Now, they show a sonic journey where music becomes the protagoniste of the performance.  

Mireia Tejero, saxo, , samplers, loops, and voice

Adele Madau, electric violin, loops

Mercè Ros, drums and voice


METUS (2012)



Actuació de SUA a l'Antic Teatre, juny 2013 "ANGOIXA" "LABORATORI" "PERSECUCIÓ" "SOLITUT" "BLUESI" "HUMIDA" Espectacle de SUA: "METUS" SUA -Video Clip de METUS /SUA Presentación de METUS en el Antic Teatre TINC POR PERROS Y CENCERROS